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Rick Ross

Ross Says He Will Work With Eminem & Dr Dre

Posted By on April 6, 2009

    Rick Ross is continuing to release diss records towards 50 Cent, this time the Florida rapper is doing so by paying respect to both Eminem and Dr Dre. With his own version of "Crack A Bottle" [listen here] Ross raps "Phony Yayo has officially checked into rehab," on the songs intro. [listen here] Ross continues on G-Unit saying "Lloyd Banks is dating Perez Hilton. He came outta the closet. Best time of my life/Gucci bourgeois pop a bottle/You know my motto, shake that b*tch from top to bottom/Hit the blunt and take a swallow/April 21 I take over the universe/I get more p*ssy than Curly Curtis just takin' off my shirt/How ya love that, I know the h*es do/GG GG GGG-who/Them n*ggas h*es too/Them n*ggas finished before I can even end a sentence" [listen here].

    Ross then turns his attention to Dr Dre and Eminem saying "Shout-out to Aftermath, I know it's strictly business, Dre, send one of them beats to the South/Shout-out to Eminem, we workin' in the future." [listen here]

    Listen to Rick Ross verison of "Crack A Bottle" – Click Here