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Rick Ross Says His Life Is Better Now

Posted By on April 6, 2009

    Many people think that 50 Cent has kept his word when he said he would "ruin" Rick Ross life, well Ricky doesn't agree. In a new blog, promoting his "Boss" wrist-watch line, Rick Ross takes shots at 50 Cent saying not only has his life NOT been ruined but he's doing great. [watch here]

   "We got a lot of money," Ross said in the video. [watch here] "I just bought four new whips. F*cking monkey said he was gonna ruin my life, haha! I'm waitin' for it man. Life is actually better. Follow my time pieces man. Follow my whips. Chornicle my triumph. You n*ggas still can't dress. Youse a monkey…You don't get tired of wearing those ugly jeans? Those ugly shoes? You lost all that weight and your face sunk in with your fake teeth, it ain't a good look…Y'all stay tuned, it gets deeper." [watch here]

Rick Ross Says 50 Cent Is Making His Life Better, Not Worse