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Rick Ross Details Maybach Films : “I think we gonna change the game and I think it’s gonna be real dope.”

Posted By on April 10, 2014

Rick Ross and Maybach Films are set to release its first movie early next year. The “Mastermind” rapper recently detailed the new venture, and thinks it will be a true game changer.

“We just finished writing our first film,” he said. “We’ll be giving you a lot more details about it real soon. But yeah, we just putting the final touches on this movie, which we plan on filming before the year is out. So, you can expect it early next year. I think this gon’ be a game changer. Huge. I think we gonna change the game and I think it’s gonna be real dope. You know? So, it’s gonna take the team to that next level.”


Ross went on to explain his love for visuals when compared to music.

“Just as much as I love music I always felt visual was more powerful,” Ross said. “It’s nothing more powerful than seeing it. It’s a different vibe. And that’s what I always brought to the team. You know what I mean? That’s what I wanted to see. So, if I released a mixtape, I wanted to be in a position to say ‘I’m shooting videos to every song on my mixtape.’ Because I felt like as an artist that’s what you should want anyway. If you putting a record on your project you should want to paint that picture. And make sure everybody understands what it was. And that’s what I put myself in position to do.”


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