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Rick Ross Talks Being A C.O. In New Song

Posted By on April 15, 2009

    First we thought that Rick Ross new song "Valley Of Death" [listen here] was just another diss about 50 Cent, but it also touches on Ricky's reasons behind his past employment in law enforcement. The first version of the song that came out featured Lil Wayne but the final album version is Weezy-less and Rick Ross is heard talking a lot about the role he had as a corrections officer.

    "I'm bigger than a title, bigger than a name," Ross raps. [listen here] "You can label me the biggest label in the game. Put food on the table, fed the whole city…Call your boy a C.O./But if I really was, wouldn't all these n*ggas undercover be f*cking n*ggas up/Keep it trilla, n*gga never had a gun and badge/Kept a nice watch, smokin' on a hundred sack…And I got two kids, and for me to feed 'em I did two gigs/I shoveled sh*t/I C.O.'ed, so we could bow our head and pray over the meatloaf/I'm lookin' at the big picture/Keep a b*tch with cha/Tryin' to get a bit richer." [listen here]