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Ross To Drop Before I Self Destruct Before 50

Posted By on April 14, 2009

    Rick Ross plans to drop "Before I Self Destruct" before his rival and G-Unit boss, 50 Cent does. The Florida rapper says he just finished the production on the new mixtape that has the same title as 50's upcoming album. Ross isn't holding him back and no one is trying to stop him, despite the rumors that exec's at Def Jam had been telling Ross to stop talking about 50 Cent. Island Def Jam Chairman L.A. Reid told MTV News there is no truth to it saying "I never had that kind of conversation with anybody. I don't even know what that is."
    Everyone seems to be playing both sides. Russell Simmons backed up Reid saying "If it's like pro wrestling, if that's how they view themselves, then it's part of the entertainment," Simmons said. "It's not something I would advise still. I always like to play high notes. I've gotten older. I see that is usually where I've had the longest, most stable impression — doing something that's higher and more inspired. There's a lot of talks about the beefs that's going on, particularly the 50 Cent [vs. Rick Ross feud]. They're both very talented. Neither one of them needs that to be hot. … It's always a little edgy. I worry about them. I haven't gotten involved. I hope they settle it, and it goes away."