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Rick Ross Set to Lose Up to $5 Million Through The Loss of His Reebok Deal

Posted By on April 17, 2013

According TMZ sources, rapper Rick Ross stands to lose anywhere from $3.5 to $5 million due to the loss of his contract with Reebok.

On last Thursday, Reebok announced that it was parting ways with the rapper. They cited the fact that Ross doesn’t reflect the values that the company desires to reflect. This decision by Reebok came on the heels of several protests by a women’s right group called Ultra Violet. Ultra Violet was protesting Reebok because of their association with Rick Ross, who they feel promoted rape in his U.O.E.N.O. lyrics.

After the initial protests, Ross went on Twitter and issued what Ultra Violet and Reebok considered to be a halfhearted apology.

Some rappers have come out to say that they believe that Reebok is being hypocritical in its assessment of its reasoning behind terminating their deal with Ross. Slim thug was one of the rappers to speak out. He said that Reebok was aware that Ross has openly rapped about being a major Drug Dealer, but Reebok had no problem signing him with that knowledge. This implies that Reebok is only responding to the public pressure to take action.

Even though Ross apologized the day after the firing and wished Reebok much success moving forward, there has been no indication that the two sides will reconcile at some point.