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Rick Ross

Rick Ross Talks Interscope, Says Banks & Yayo Dropped

Posted By on April 27, 2009

    Rick Ross continues his beef with not only 50 Cent but the entire G-Unit by making comments about their label (Interscope) and even saying that Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo were dropped. [watch here] "You asking me do I feel responsible that Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo is dropped from Interscope," Ross said in an interview. [watch here] "I'm not gonna take full responsibility but I just believe Jimmy Iovine and all the geniuses at Interscope, I think they understand that their career with music is over. As well as 50 Cent's…Everybody telling me I did it, thanks. But honestly, they did it, they did it to themselves…It's sad when you get dropped and you working with [Dr.] Dre…I'ma pull up their BDS, I know their last album, T.O.S. flopped, I think it sold 15,000 copies its first week or something close to that, I'ma pull up their BDS and make an offer…I might get 'em a situation on Haitian Mafia…Interscope won't sign you, Def Jam won't sign you. Pretty much, go to E1 [formely Koch Records] if we offer you something." [watch here]    
    In related news Lloyd Banks recently hit Rick Ross back talking about his  BET special "The Rick Ross Story: Deeper Than Rap," calling out the rapper's resistance to speak on his baby's mother, Brooke. Lloyd Banks says that Rick Ross lied about knowing about Brooke saying "And then you gonna get on BET and lie talking about you don't recognize the lady in the video," Banks said in a video clip. [watch here] "And you can't verify? N*gga that's your [baby's mother]. That's that b*tch you were loving and f*cking without no condom. Yeah, her n*gga. You better not let me run across her 'cause I'ma f*ck her." [watch here]

Rick Ross On Interscope – Says Lloyd Banks / Tony Yayo Were Dropped


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