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Rick Ross Says Eminem Is A “Hunghkey”

Posted By on April 30, 2009

    After his album debuted number one this week, Rick Ross is feeling good… perhaps to good. In a new video live from St. Martin, Ricky Ross first gloats about his sales then dives right into his anti-G-Unit/Shady talk. [watch here]

    "Them niggas got dropped from Interscope. I popped a bottle of champagne. And "Schindler’s List" ain’t even drop yet. [Listed on early DTR tracklists.] We’re saving that for the Triple C debut album." [watch here]

    Rick Ross then turns his attention to Eminem saying "Now they [Whoo Kid in a video last week] saying "munghkey" could be black-on-black racial. So the only way I can fix that: Eminem, you’re a munghkey. He’s really a hunghkey [honky]. But that’s racial…It’s no longer Curly, RIP. Now he’s Woodface." [watch here]

Rick Ross – "Eminem, you're a munghkey. He's really a hunghkey (honky)"