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Ross On Eminem “Im Not Impressed”

Posted By on May 10, 2009

    Although Rick Ross continues to say he is "past" his recent fued with 50 Cent, Ricky continues to bad mouth the rapper and everyone affiliated with him. In a new interview, Ross took another shot at the Shady/G-Unit team saying he isn't impressed with Eminem's recent music. "I’m just not impressed with the music I’m hearing," the Miami rapper stated. “But hopefully, Imma buy his album when it come out, if it don’t disappoint me too bad. You know, we’ll see.”

    Ross continued by making it clear how he think the fued with 50 turned out. "I done put out a number one album, and you know, I finished those guys. G-Unit was dropped from Interscope," he added, clapping. "They still can’t dress, they’re monkeys, but that’ll never change." Ricky finished up adding "Where I come from, you need AK-47s to go far," he explained. "Anything short of that, we'll label you a girl, kick you in the butt and send you home, and that's pretty much what I did."