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Rickys Baby Moma Says “I Am G-Unit”

Posted By on May 18, 2009

    Rick Ross baby momma, better known as Tia, recently sat down with G-Unit's DJ Whoo Kid to talk about, of many things, Rick Ross. [watch here] Besides talking about Ricky, Tia talkeda bout her association with G-Unit saying "G-Unit books. It's not a [coincidence]," Tia said regarding the company overseeing her tell-all release. [watch here]

    Tia went on to explain "I'm affiliated with G-Unit now, officially. I am G-Unit. I'm waiting on my piece too, 50. [laugh] Yes I am [serious]…I'm a great mother, I'm hoping this book with be successful so that I can give my kids a good life, a better life than I had…[Ross] is not a real n*gga, he has no street credit at all. None whatsoever…I don't know where all of the [swag] came from, the fake shades. I think that's who he's trying to be now, Biggie. Did you see him in that new video? He put two earrings in his ear, do some research, he never put earrings in anything he did. He just got earrings about a month ago…[With the beard] he's trying to be Freeway Ricky Ross." [watch here]

Rick Ross Baby Momma Talks 50 Allegiance "I Am G-Unit"