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Rick Ross ‘Scared For His Life’ In Detroit And Cancels Concert

Posted By on June 22, 2014

Miami rapper Rick Ross is making headlines this weekend as reports claim the Maybach Music Group head cancelled a show in Detroit because he was scared for his life.

According to reports, Detroit native Trick Trick might of had something to do with Ross’ no show at a local radio station Hot 107.5 summer concert.

 “Well according to HOT 107.5?s AP, apparently Ross did not get the necessary clearance of Trick Trick, the self proclaimed “Mayor of Detroit City” because Ross was stopped by the “Good Squad” while attempting to gain access to the backstage gate of the show! We hear that Ross was allegedly afraid for his life and actually left the show…yes he bounced! “ (The Urban Daily)

Trick Trick might of addressed the situation by sending a subliminal message towards Ross via social media.

 “Was this a case of the “No Fly Zone”? Trick Trick hinted at a problem in his new single “No Fly Zone” that features Detroit emcee Royce da 5’9, stating “Your papers are waiting to be approved.” We assume Rick Ross did not submit for the ‘papers’ Trick felt Ross needed in order to perform in Detroit. In the song Trick adds “I am a phone call away.”” (The Urban Daily)

Check out some footage from the show below:

  • Ble33ed ROOTZ

    Man Fuck Trick Trick. U think some nigga going to stop me from making my paper. Fuck the B.S. I know damn sure one on one. Trick is a bitch. Yeah the ‘ Rootz said it

    • 313orDie

      Fuck that, ross shouldn’t be running his fat mouth calling eminem a honky and shit. If officer ricky wants to perform in detroit and act like that? Nigga needs a pass. Guy claims he’s a gangsta on his albums and he’s got connections to the cartels, fuck that studio gangsta nigga. Bitch has to steal real drug dealers names to look tough. Trick trick put that bitch nigga in his place

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