Rick Ross Says He’s The Teflon Don

Rick Ross Says He’s The Teflon Don

    Rick Ross recently talked about his next album which he is going to title "Teflon Don."
[watch here] Ricky was recently in Atlanta for the Birthday Bash event and told MTV that its expected he should talk about his bulletproof success on his next LP. "You gotta understand, I feel like I overcame so many things," Ross said before he got onstage. 
[watch here] "Not only in music, but in my everyday life — being a young black man, being an entrepreneur, being a father. I learned a lot of things. I’m turning right around, putting it back into music. It’s still a lot of things I deal with. Still a lot of negativity. That’s what it is, and that’s why I feel the title of my next studio album is so appropriate."
[watch here]

    Rick went on to say that he will be releasing an album for his Triple C (Carol City Cartel) group called "Custom Cars and Cycles" before his next album. 
[watch here]

    In related news, Rick Ross released a new remix video of his "Yacht Music" [watch here] The new video also features Ricky's group Triple C's so make sure you [watch here]

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