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Rick Ross Is A Re-Tweeter; Talks Account

Posted By on July 1, 2010

     Rick Ross recently created a twitter account and the Triple C's leader says he likes to re-tweet what others are talking about. Rick Ross says that he uses twitter to stay in touch with fans. "People been trying to get me on Twitter for the last two years but I never really felt the need for it. I been getting so much love, people been embracing my sh*t, my music. The least I can do is try to stay in contact with my supporters even more so. That's where @RickyRozay came into play. I came up with the name. I been doing it for less than a month so motherf*ckas call up [Ed. Note: We think he means tweet up], make requests, do sh*t like that so it's love. I can't say I read everything but some shit I do retweet. Motherf*ckas say something that I might've thought before, 'Oh d*mn that makes sense,' retweet it. It's not really marketing. You can only do so much tweeting. I feel a lot of that sh*t be overrated. You only gon' retweet so many people and actually tweet [back to] so many people but for the few motherf*ckas you do touch they gon' f*ck with the Boss"


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