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Troy Ave Gets Huge Co-Sign From Rick Ross

Posted By on July 17, 2014

New York rapper Troy Ave has been getting a lot of love lately from some big names throughout the industry and the latest rap star to co-sign Troy Ave has received is from Maybach Music Group head Rick Ross.

When asked about what he thought about Troy Ave’s movement, Rick Ross says Ave’s hustle is exactly what he wants from his own artist.

“Yeah, we’ve met on multiple occasions. He came down to Miami, we went to the NBA game and sh*t like that, but just to see him making his music and getting on his grind – that’s what I’m looking for in different artists so you never know!” (Bullett Media)

Atlanta rapper T.I. recenlt spoke on why it would be a good move to go after signing Troy Ave.

“I’m sure the music would be phenomenal,” he says. “But I think above all I want to work with people that the industry would otherwise have a hard time working with. I want to work with the people that the industry may not know how to communicate with or might not know how to perceive.” (HipHopDX)