Freeway Rick Ross Expalins Lawsuit (Video)

Freeway Rick Ross Expalins Lawsuit (Video)

     Former drug kingpin Freway Rick Ross recently talked about why he decided to sue Jay-Z for signing rapper Rick Ross to Def Jam back in 2005. Saying that being locked up gave him a green light for Jigga and Rick Ross to use his name without permission, Freeway explained in the new XXL issue.

      "I think initially that they didn't think I was ever going to get out of prison, so after it had went for so long and they had put so much money in it that they couldn't back out. I actually read in an interview that [Ross] said I should be 'happy' that he 'helped' me out. I look at it like if someone steals your car; who cares that you put a new paint job on it? You still stole my car and that's pretty much the situation."

Freeway Rick Ross – Talks Jay-z And Rick Ross


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