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Trick Daddy Denies Leaking Rick Ross Pictures, More Details Emerge

Posted By on July 28, 2008

    After a photo of a young Rick Ross in a correctional uniform hit the net, rumors started that the man behind it was fellow Miami rapper, Trick Daddy. Trick Daddy has now told AllHipHop that it's not true. “We don’t deal with rap beef down here,” Trick said, continuing
“That’s not in our character. That’s not something we do. We’re the
only city that ever gets compared to other people’s entire states.
Whoever put my name in this is really attacking all of us.” Trick even went on to defend Ross saying “So what if he [was],” Trick asked. “That just means he avoided
something a lot of us in the hood haven’t, including me. I’m not proud
of being an ex-con. Now that means I always got one foot in and one
foot on a banana peel. I’m not proud of the things I did to land in
that position.”

    More details are hitting the net about Rick Ross being a correctional officer. TheSmokingGun.com obtained 86 pages of Ross' personnel file from the DOC for his year and half employment including his application, finger prints, clean criminal background and even his loyalty oath and his perfect attendance record.