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Trick Daddy Talks Rick Ross, Ross Talks Engagement Rumors And Officer Story

Posted By on July 29, 2008

    The Rick Ross correctional officer saga continues but this time Trick Daddy is sticking up for his fellow Miami rapper. Orriginally accused of leaking the photos himself, Trick says whoever did is “slime ball, because that’s some close to home shit, in my opinion.” Trick Daddy says that Rick Ross is lucky it happened now after his success saying "I told Ross this, years ago, they would have did worse that what they did now" continuing "Had he been [accused] when he first came up, this would have been done and over with 2 and a half years go. Now he’s famous, and now he’s somebody, it’s gonna continue to be in the news.” Trick Daddy even said that he planned to work with Rick Ross saying “Rick Ross is gonna be on the album,” continuing, “As of today, we haven’t recorded the song yet, but he is
gonna be on the album. Notice I said, is, because that’s what I
represent. Real street shit.”
    In related news, Rick Ross recently appeared on Power 98.3 for an interview [watch here] where he discussed everything from his situation with Foxy Brown (the two had been rumored to be engaged) to being a corretional officer.

    Watch Rick Ross Talk About Foxy Brown & The Correctional Officer Issue

Rick Ross Radio Interview