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DJ Khaled Talks Rick Ross & New Projects

Posted By on August 6, 2008

    Many people have weighed in on the Rick Ross and being a correctional officer situation. Yesterday we had a story [read here] where Ludacris and Akon gave their opinions. Now long-time friend and collaborator DJ Khaled is giving his two cents. Although in a recent video [watch here] DJ Khaled can be heard saying “I’m the reason why Rick Ross is driving Phantoms. I’m the reason, man," Khaled says is supports Rick Ross. [watch here]

    “Oh man, Ross is my brother. Anyone who said I was dissing Ross is dumb, stupid and blind,” Khaled told SOHH in a recent interview. “That’s when you know things get out of hand and dumb then they try to say Ross’ right hand is going against him,” he continued. “That’s like saying Diddy and Biggie got problems.”

    DJ Khaled even told SOHH about working with Rick Ross recently saying “He’s on five cuts on my album,” continuing by talking about the new album from Rick Ross “We’re working on his new album right now. It’s called Deeper Than Rap. It’s gon’ be a classic and he’s also got an album coming out with Byrdman called H. We 'bout to hurt the game. We bout to give y'all so much music. Wait til you see what we bout to do now.”

DJ Khaled Speaks On Rick Ross