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Rick Ross Sued For $4 Million After Fight With DJ Vlad At Ozone Awards

Posted By on August 15, 2008

    More aftermath from this year's Ozone Awards comes as Rick Ross is being sued for an altercation that happened during the awards. West Coast DJ Vlad is suing the Miami rapper for $4 million dollars for assault and battery. DJ Vlad claims that he was attacked by Rick Ross' entourage after he asked questions about Rick Ross' corrections officer history.
    The lawsuit claims that DJ Vlad's injuries “include 7 stitches below the eye, 3 fractures to the face, a corneal abrasion and possible permanent nerve damage.” DJ Vlad says he “continues to suffer great physical pain, mental anguish and bodily injuries.”

    Vlad says he got a text message before the altercation that said “N*ggas will learn…trillaaa” and “I’ve been hearing things about me on your website. We gonna make a story. We going to see each other. We going to talk. Where are you?”  Vlad says Rick Ross said “We got beef” as his entourage attacked Vlad.