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Rick Ross Discusses Relationship With Jay-Z, Reebok Situation, And New Music

Posted By on September 17, 2013

Rick Ross recently sat down with the Associated Press and spoke about new music, his close relationship with Jay Z, and how Jay has helped him beyond music over the years.

Not only did Jigga help amplify Ross’ music, but Jay has also given him life long guidance over the years.

 “He’s been a part of pretty much every project I’ve put together as a solo artist. He’s always been there any time I’ve made a call. It’s just an array of things I’ve learned from him outside of music, like handling business and money. …I come from down South where I want the music, bass and the beats that shake the walls. Hov talked to me about performing (and) what live music brings to the table.” (Associated Press)

Ross also touched on the recent release of MMG’s latest album “Self Made, 3”.

“When you see compilations like this, you see longevity. With us, we have people who are on top of their game. But we want to bring more artists into the fold, and give young artists an opportunity to be on the same playing field with us. That in itself speaks volumes to someone at home chasing their dreams.” (Associated Press)

Beyond Jay Z and the MMG album, Ross was asked about his latest Reebok situation.

” You live and you learn. I think the most unfortunate thing about the whole situation was just the fact that my lyrics offended some ladies, especially dealing with the topic of rape. It was interpreted as rape. I really wanted to make sure that I apologize to any woman that I offended in that way. I just wanted to make that clear. When I make music and I’m talking on records, it’s like I’m painting a picture. In my mind, I’m seeing a film. I apologize.” (Associated Press)