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Rick Ross Robbed By 3 Groupies

Posted By on September 23, 2009

    It takes a lot of balls to jack and ex cop but it looks like three groupies did it. Reports are going around that Rick Ross was reportedly robbed by three women after a concert last June in Nashville, Tennessee. "Metro police are looking for party crashers at the downtown Hilton Hotel," a news report says. "They're suspected of stealing thousands of dollars worth of a rapper's personal belongings right out of his hotel room. The crime was caught on tape and the police need your help to identify the thieves…A call to Crime Stoppers can earn you lots of cash." [Rick Ross – Robbed By Three Groupies – Watch Here]

    Now details of what exactly was stollen are hitting the net. Reports say that Rick Ross was seduced before he was robbed. According to CBS Channel 5 in Nashville, Ricky got over $60,000 worth of personal belongings including jewelry and a laptop jacked. The four sticky-fingered women then proceeded to do their best Set It Off impersonation, sans the guns and violence, by relieving Ricky of his items and making what they thought was a clean getaway. But cameras in the hotel have caught the suspects and now Crime Stoppers are looking for them. [Rick Ross – Robbed By Three Groupies – Watch Here]

Rick Ross – Robbed By Three Women