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Rick Ross Denies Sex Tape (Audio & Video)

Posted By on September 24, 2010

      Rick Ross is making it pretty clear that it's not him on the recently leaked sex tape but he is grateful to the women out there for giving him the shot. "My mom taught me when I was young: “never lay on hotel spreads.” They was laying on some cheap-ass hotel spreads that had probably had all kinds of shit on it, because they don’t really wash the spreads as often as they do the sheets. So that was what I laughed at."

      "Then I noticed homie really ain’t have none of my tats. The nigga had a Louis flag in his pocket, which we started rocking last year. And I’ve had tattoos well over a decade. All the real Rozay fans know what time it is. So I just laughed at it. You know what’s funny, all the sexy ladies hitting me up on Twitter saying they want to shoot a real porno with a nigga. I’m like buggin’. Shoutout to fat boys getting pussy worldwide… When they come out whoever they really are, they can send me a little check," Ross said.

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