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Rick Ross Talks Hottest MCs List (Video)

Posted By on October 12, 2010

     Rick Ross recently talked about this years Hottest MCs list and how he is going to Hawaii to not only work on Kanye West's new album but compared being on the list to being an all-pro in the NFL.

     "I'm thinking I had a dope year," he told MTV News. "I'm gonna keep it real. "I Iove it, it's like the Pro Bowl to the NFL, everybody wants to get to Hawaii," Ross continued. "It's a roundtable that I could truly say I respect the integrity of the roundtable and the dudes that are actually out there. Because these are dudes that are at the tours, they're at the shows, they're at the awards, they feel what's happening on the streets and they can really gauge the temperature of what's going on for everybody that's at home."

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