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Rick Ross Mocks Floyd Mayweather

Posted By on October 19, 2009

    Rick Ross continues to taunt boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr by calling him "sweet" and claiming that he won the war of words they recently had. During a radio interview, Rick Ross admittedd to being a fan of Mayweather. "Well, she did some things," Ross jokingly said about why he is involved in a beef with Mayweather. "Just to get some attention, said some things and I punished her. She got my attention so I lashed out. I punished her and now she just released another statement retracting what she was saying before. That's all I wanted, stay in your place young lady." [Rick Ross Talks Being A Fan Of Floyd Mayweather – Watch Here]

     Rick didn't forget to insult Mayweather one more time. "We know you're sweet. Straight sugar. I'ma be honest, I am a fan. He said it, I did go to the fights. The $5,500 seats, yeah, I was right there, I coulda threw a red soda on you. She lives an alternative lifestyle and we gonna leave it at that. Much success to your boxing but just respect the G's." [Rick Ross Mocks Floyd Mayweather – Watch Here]

Rick Ross – Talks Floyd Mayweathers Retracted Statement