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Rick Ross Continues His G-Unit Bashing

Posted By on October 22, 2009

    Rick Ross continues to take jabs at any and everyone, especially G-Unit and its members. During a recent interview, Rick Ross not only shot off at 50 Cent saying he's waiting on him to drop a number one album like him, but also G-Unit member Lloyd Banks. According to Rick Ross, he benefited financially from his taunts and beefs with 50 Cent and his G-Unit camp. [Rick Ross Takes Jabs At 50 Cent – Watch Here]

    "I made more money, you know what I mean, after you crush such a huge donkey," Ross said referring to 50. "I'm the only one that put out a number one album and we in this business to put out records and put up numbers and generate funds and as you can see, I'm putting out another number one album while [G-Unit] hasn't put out one. So it's elementary to me and I think they learned their lesson, they know to keep going, R.I.P. Hold up, let's give a moment of silence, it's only right to bow our heads for Lloyd Banks. I pray my career don't be like Lloyd Banks'." [Rick Ross Takes Shots At Lloyd Banks – Watch Here]

Rick Ross – Throws Jabs At G-Unit & Lloyd Banks