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Rick Ross Talks Reading Negative Comments

Posted By on October 23, 2009

    Ever since his beef with 50 Cent, fans have either sided with Rick Ross or the G-Unit general so naturally there are a lot of people on the internet that are and have been bashing Rick Ross. The Florida rapper and Triple C's leader recent sat down to talk about reading negative comments about him and his group online, saying that it really don't effect him. [Rick Ross Talks About Reading Negative Comments About Himself Online – Watch Here]

    "I know what its like to eat Ramen noodles, I know what its like to eat Captain Crunch for breakfast, lunch, a snack and dinner. I had nothing positive to say about no nigga. When I see something negative or something that’s baseless, I know that’s frustration from somebody not being where they suppose to be at, hopefully I can inspire them. When I was fucked up walking to school, how the F you gonna log on and saying something positive about a nigga with 30 cars." [Floyd Mayweather & Freeway Ricky Ross Hang Together – Watch Here]

Rick Ross – Talks Reading Negative Comments Online About Him


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