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Triple C’s Gunplay Talks Ross’s Past

Posted By on October 25, 2009

    Triple C's member Gunplay recently talked about the public (and their fans') outlook and thoughts on his boss (Rick Ross) being considered a liar due to his past law enforcement involvement, saying that the media has played a role in exaggerating the truth. According to the Triple C's member, Rick Ross's Law Enforcement past was blown way out of proportion.

    "That's just media hoopla," he explained in a recent interview. "That doesn't stop anyone's bank. It doesn't stop me feeding my belly. We got more money, more deals and whatnot. After that, we got bigger and stronger. When you're great and you're a great artist, people will try to bring you down in any way possible. It didn't work. The plan backfired. It didn't work at all."

    In related news, Rick Ross and his Triple C's group are currently shooting a video for their track "Gangsta Shit." The new joint features West Coast rapper and The Black Wallstreet head man, The Game (well now he wants to be known just as Game) so check out some behind the scenes footage of that. [Triple Cs, The Game – Gangsta Shit (Behind The Scenes)]

                Triple Cs ft The Game – Gangsta Shit – Listen Here

Triple Cs, The Game – Gangsta Shit (Behind The Scenes)


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