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Rick Ross Lavish Live With Diddy (Video)

Posted By on December 28, 2010

      Triple C's member Gunplay recently spoke about his lavish escapades with stars like Rick Ross and Diddy but made sure to remind fans that his new fame hasn't gone to his head.

"You know Ross do it big, you know Diddy do it big, I'm trying to get there, I do me," Gunplay said in an interview with Mikey T The Movie Star. "[…] Them boys be going in. I don't even be knowing after my third personal bottle, I couldn't tell you. I wake up and there's more bottles sitting there. I don't know. That's the sh*t man, it's a blessing. That's just giving me motivation now. Not too many people, a few small percentage, less than three percent of the population will ever have [flown] in a private jet. It's a blessing. I don't put that in nobody's face, I just thank God for it — but really, I'm about that everyday struggle that everybody can relate to. Not everybody got a Ferrari, not everybody got a Lambo — it gives them hope even hearing that. That's what the 'Boss' do. He lets you know we can pump up to millionaires. He did it in five years. Millionaire, boy. Don't play. Millions off of this sh*t here. It's putting us in position to get millions too. We about to get millions. D*mn sure close. It's on the way." (Movie Star Status DVD)

Gunplay Talks Rick Ross