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Triple C’s Stay Relevant By Being Real

Posted By on December 28, 2009

    Rick Ross' group Triple C's recently talked about staying relevant in the rap game beyond their home of Miami, Florida. According to Gunplay, Rick Ross' right-hand man, Triple C's are keeping hip hop alive. "We are [the streets]," he explained. "We dominate in every street market we're thrown into, because we're the truth, we're real. It's harder to get commercialized, but we just have to make everybody else follow us instead of us following what everybody else is doing…There isn't a Hollywood bone in our bodies. We make real music, because it's real life for us, we've really been through it, we've survived it. Triple C's holds promise for the future of rap music. There are still hustlers out there that are willing to sacrifice benefits like Pepsi commercials, in order to pump real music from the streets back into the streets." [DJ Khaled Says Rick Ross Had A Classic Album – Watch Here]

    In related news, Rick Ross recently expressed how mad he was his "Deeper Than Rap" album was not nominated for a Grammy Award by releasing a new remix of Beyonce's "Video Phone" track. On the new remix, Ross says that the Grammy nomination board is full of "haters" since they overlooked his number one debuting album. [Rick Ross Calls The Grammy Board "Haters" – Listen Here]


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