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Rick Ross Makes His First Public Appearance Since the Attempt On His Life

Posted By on February 8, 2013

It has been nearly two weeks since gunmen opened fire on Maybach Music Group head huncho, Rick Ross on a Miami street. The rapper was able to escape the assault without being injured, but he wrecked his Rolls Royce Phantom into a building in the process. Eyewitnesses say that the rapper was visibly shaken when he emerged from the vehicle.

The attempt on Ross’s life set off a firestorm of speculation. His arch nemesis, 50 Cent, said that he believed that it was staged for publicity. “Freeway” Ricky Ross, the former drug kingpin that the rapper gleaned his stage name from said that he wasn’t surprised that an attempt was made on Ross’ life. He said that the Maybach Music Group leader doesn’t understand the rules of the street and that leads to his mouth getting him into trouble.

Up until today Ross has kept silent concerning the incident and he has not made any public appearances. While in Los Angeles, it is assumed for the Grammy Awards Ceremony, Ross took to the street where he was quickly approached by a TMZ cameraman who followed him asking questions. Ross remained tight lipped the entire time. He did manage to break a smile when he was asked to comment on 50 Cent’s accusations that the attempt on his life was staged.

Though Ross has remained silent during the entire ordeal, several of those that are close to him reported that he was okay and that he was in good spirits.