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Rihanna Plans Follow Up To Rated R

Posted By on February 23, 2010

     Rihanna says she has already started working on the follow up to her current "Rated R" album. The Grammy-Award-Singer talked about the new project's sound and how she plans to get away from her current albums "dark" tone. According to Rihannna, her fifth solo-album willl feature a more energetic pop sound. "Rated R, I love the sound of it, in terms of the bass," Rihanna explained in an interview. "I really like the bottom, the grime of it. But if I were to combine that with more energetic, up-tempo pop records, then I think that will be a happy marriage. And that's where we'll probably go next."

     In related news, Rihanna's news "Rated R" album has already passed the gold status (500,000 albums sold) but it moved down eight slots last week to number 35 with just over twenty-thousand copies sold. Going into her 13th week on the charts, Rihanna has already moved 648,600 copies.

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