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Rihanna Explains Why She Did Eminem Collab

Posted By on July 27, 2010

      Rihanna says when Eminem came to her to be on "Love The Way You Lie," she felt a powerful connection with it and she recently opened up about why she did the collaboration. "It's something that, you know, [Eminem and I have] both experienced, you know, on different sides, different ends of the table," she said. "It just was authentic. It was real," Rihanna continued. "It was believable for us to do a record like that, but it was also something that needed to be done and the way he did it was so clever. He pretty much just broke down the cycle of domestic violence and it's something that a lot people don't have a lot of insight on, so this song is a really, really powerful song and it touches a lot of people."

     Despite Eminem being so forward with his rhymes, Rihanna had faith in his artistry. "Eminem is an artist of class and I knew if he sent me a record there must be something to it," she said. "It couldn't just be, 'Oh, duh! She was in that relationship, so we have to get her.'" She continued "The lyrics were so deep, so beautiful and intense. It's something that I understood, something I connected with," she revealed.

      When it comes to the video they are shooting, Rihanna actually wasn't going to be in it. "Actually, it came really last minute. We shot the video last night and he happened to be in the same city and he was like 'Hey, can I perform with you?' " she said. "We fit it in and we couldn't have done anything better because Los Angeles loves Eminem. They couldn't stop screaming."



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