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Details On Rihanna’s New Album Leak

Posted By on September 22, 2009

    Details on Rihanna's comeback are now starting to leak online (can we call it a comeback? she never went anywhere). Justin Timberlake says that Rihanna is taking a more "grown-up" approach to her follow up to her "Good Girl Gone Bad" album from 2007. "The stuff we've come up with in the studio, it's the next step for her," Timeberlake said in an interview. "It's a little more grown-up. It's got some edge to it," he added.

    In related news, Chase & Status, a pair of producers from London, recently talked about the records they have made for Rihanna. "When she doesn't like something she'll let you know," they explained. "When she likes something she'll let you know as well. On one track she came up with some cool melodies and cool ideas, the kind of vibe she wanted. This album for her is just about what she likes and what she's into and what she wants. If she's not into the vibe she'll be like, 'Nope, I don't think it's for me'. Or if something is a bit too bolshie, she's like, 'That's not what I'm trying to push right now.'"