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Uncle Murder Deads Beat Down Rumors, “Do It Look Like Anything Happened?”

Posted By on June 11, 2007

In a recent DVD interview, New York mixtape standout Uncle Murda shot down rumors of being assaulted by a group of people outside a New York club.

Rumors surfaced on the internet last week claiming Murda was punched twice in the face while leaving T-Pain's album release party and took off running when a mob converged on him.

Murda confirmed that he did get into an altercation but claims no one laid a hand on him.

"I'm hearing n**gas saying Uncle Murda got knocked out, niggas two pieced me, n**gas robbed me, n**gas dragged me down the block, n**gas chased me six blocks and all that," said the New York bred rapper. "C'mon man, stop playing! I smoke cigarettes I can't even run motherf***ing six blocks." 

"Do it look like anything happened to me?" Murda stressed while approaching the camera for a close up of his face.

"I was in a little situation with a couple of dudes," he revealed. "They were probably like 10, 15, 20 n**gas or whatever. I was with one of my home girls, Medina, I was by myself with Medina, a promoter, you can ask her to she can verify the story."

"I'm walking out the club, I'm walking through these n**gas," he continued. "I had no place to go but walk through them. So I'm walking through these n**gas and when I finally get to the end, that's when a n**ga gathered up enough courage to try and swing on me. A n**ga tried to get his Floyd Mayweather on but he ain't lay a finger on me."

"I weaved, I ran down the block a lil' bit then I turned around like 'Whatsup fa**ot ass n**gas!?!', then they started running towards me," Murda explained. " I ran towards the middle of the street, I gripped up like I had that motherf**king thing. No bullshit! I didn't have my thing on me; I gripped up and acted like I had a f***ing thing on me. These n**gas ran the other motherf**king way and I ran my motherf**king way man. I was by myself."

Uncle Murda signed to Roc-A-Fella Records earlier this year. He is featured on Fabolous Def Jam debut, From Nothing To Something, which hits stores tomorrow (June 12).