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Royce Explains Eminem’s Lady Gaga Lyric (Audio)

Posted By on June 10, 2011

     Slaughterhouse member, and more importantly Eminem's "Bad Meets Evil" partner, Royce Da 5'9 recently came forward to explain a new Eminem lyric about Lady Gaga that seems to be causing issues. On the new Bad Meets Evil track "A Kiss" (PLUG: "Hell: The Sequel" hits stores on June 14th, oh and you can listen to the song below!), Eminem has a lyric where he calls Gaga a "male lady" but Royce says it's just a playful joke…

"(Eminem) has a great sense of humor. He's been doing that type of thing his whole career. It's one of the things that makes him great. I laughed when I heard it and told him he was crazy. I definitely don't think anyone should take it as an insult." (Billboard)

     Side Note: For those of you who are still upset, and don't understand Royce, remember that Eminem makes fun of everyone, including his friends and himself, it's part of his style. Keep in mind, Eminem uses gay-jokes yet his sponsor is Elton John.. if you still don't get it and are simply upset, you don't deserve to read this anyway.

Bad Meets Evil – A Kiss