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Eminem – WKQI Interview (4-12-07)

Posted By on April 12, 2007

According to RUMORS, this morning, Eminem was live on Detroit's WKQI Channel 9-5-5 radio station talking about a number of topics. I will try to get the mp3 later this week.


1 year (tomorrow) of Proof's death: Em talked about how recording this album has been very different and the mood has changed quite a bit. He said he visits Proofs grave several times a month and he wish he could go more, but he is quite busy. Also said that the album title and release date are not true and that the album won't be out earlier than August with a single in June. Also stated that Proof will be heavily featured on the album and this will be the final D12 album.

Kim: Talked about she is full of lies and all this stuff..nothing really important

Beef with 50 Cent: Em said that him and 50 have been talking a lot lately about all of this beef with Cam'ron and Em said he is not getting involved in anyway. He has been telling 50 to drop it and its not worth it, but 50 isn't going to. As for dropping Young Buck,etc Em said he doubts any of that will happen and 50 really isn't as mad as he seems. Stated he recorded 3 full tracks with 50 for 50's summer album (if 50 decides to not include Young Buck, etc)

Re-Up album: Em said the goal was not to make money but to promote the new artists and he feels he did a damn good job by it going platinum off one single and how he sold more albums than several rap albums in 2006. He said if he did want to release another single, it would be "Jimmy Crack Corn" but it probably won't happen

New solo album: Confirmed working heavily on his final album that he will release at the earliest December of this year and he said it will proably he out sometime next year. Wants the first single to be different that previous times and he said this album will lyrically be his best

Detox: Still said you can expect it out this September. Dre is putting the real finishing touches on it but still is hoping to record with a unexpected secret guest Em wouldn't reveal.