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Russell Simmons Responds To Kid Cudi , “An artist’s job is to express what’s on the hearts and the minds of people.”

Posted By on March 27, 2014

Cleveland rapper Kid Cudi recently went on The Arsenio Hall Show and expressed his thoughts on Hip Hop. Cudi let it be known that he feels like the genre/culture is too consumed with the “braggadocio, money, cash, hoes” rap, and a result, is lessening the quality of music.


Last night (March 26) Russell Simmons was on Arsenio, and the music mogul expressed his thoughts on Cudi’s statements and his view on Hip Hop.

“Poets, their job is to tell you what people are thinking,” Simmons said. “And some of it is disturbing, but it’s in our reality. You know? It’s like they say ‘Why [are] songs so sexual?’ The research says that a man thinks about sex every 11 seconds. So, with that reality—I mean, an artist’s job is to express what’s on the hearts and the minds of people. I think the artists are sharing with us some really inspiring things and some things about ourselves that we don’t wanna face. I’m not at all disturbed by where they’re going. In fact, I’m actually proud of what Hip Hop has become.


Simmons went on to discuss the n-word, and its usage in the Hip Hop community.

“My father called me that so much…He became a professor of black history. So, he was not a lost soul,” he said. “He just called me that so much. When I was 12 he took me in the room. He said ‘Russ, that’s your name.’ I thought my name was ‘nigga’ for 12 years…So, that’s the way he spoke to me. And it’s been in my family and in our culture. It’s our expression. And if you don’t have a slave in your background, in your history. If you don’t have ancestors that weren’t slaves maybe you shouldn’t use the word. Can we own something?”



Check out the full interview below: