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DJ Nando Murdered In Georgia; Hip Hop Reacts

Posted By on January 14, 2014

It was reported today that at the young age of 38, DJ Nando was murdered in Clayton County Georgia. According to AJC.com, Nando, real name William Fernando Barnes, was gunned down at 3:30 in the morning . A neighbor of Barnes, Cindy Copeland, explained what she saw and heard.

“I thought the power went out, so I checked my clock and that wasn’t it,” Copeland said. “But what grabbed my attention about 4 o’clock was a hysterical woman, on her phone, walking up and down the street, yelling, ‘My baby. My baby.’ After listening to her, I realized, there’s five or six police cars out here, and that’s when I started realizing something very serious has happened down our street here.”

Upon hearing the news, Jermain Dupri, Young Dro, and many others mourned the death of their friend:







DJ Greg Street wrote “This Is Crazy! ” with this picture:


Dj Nando was a staple in Atlanta’s club scene, spinning at clubs like Magic City, Kamal’s 21, and Onyx.

  • future

    I don’t know why brothers feel the need to pull out a gun and kill someone for any reason other than self defense. It’s as a if people don’t realize that when you kill someone in such a evil fashion you have doomed yourself to an eternity in hell. This life of material gain and vanity isn’t as important as we seem to think it is. We’ve become a generation that’s only concerned with ourselves and chasing things rather than embracing the true meaning of life which is to strive to do what’s right and choose to turn away from the negative influence of Satan and his demons. If we look at our culture of music from an honest perspective we would truly know that Yahweh doesn’t approve of our message and our behavior. May God have mercy on us all and may God grant my family and I divine protection from the corruption of this world.

  • champion

    if we know right from wrong why not do right ? question of life but personally fuck you all ya faget males shooting people with no gun you soft sleepys but when jesus come we all know those who had faith riding