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Judge Backs Up Atlanta’s ‘Magic City’ Strip Club

Posted By on March 17, 2014

We recently reported about Atlanta’s infamous “Magic City” strip club taking a knock off joint in Chicago to court for stealing the name and acting as if they were affiliated with the Atlanta location. Now the judge has come to a conclusion for the Chicago knock off.

According to reports, the judge has told the Chi-town club they are not allowed to use the name “Magic City” or anything similar.

 “A Chicago strip club just got schooled on how to spell L-O-S-E-R … because a judge has ruled it can’t use the name “Magic City” — or any version … no matter how it’s spelled.” (TMZ

The judge says the ATL club has taken control of the market on the name, telling the others to back off using their name.

 “A  judge just ruled the ATL club has cornered the market on the name, ordering the Chi-town club to stop using the name Magic or any variation, including Majik, Majic, and Magik.” (TMZ)