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Angie Martinez Speaks On First Show With Power 105.1

Posted By on July 22, 2014

Radio personality Angie Martinez has come out to speak on her exit from Hot 97 to rival New York channel Power 105.1 and how she felt to have Jay Z as one of her main guest on her first show with 105.1.

Although Martinez joked about have a huge line-up for her first show, she did admit that stars like Jay Z and Diddy definitely humbled her.

“Yeah, Remy was yesterday. The first day we had Jay and Swizz and Alicia, and Puff. We had a great first day. It’s so weird, because we had all these amazing people call, but the blogs and stuff, everybody loves Jay, so that’s the one that stands out. [Laughs],” Angie said in an interview. “It felt awful. It felt sh*tty. [Laughs] It was amazing. It’s crazy, because people just assume things, like that’s supposed to happen, but I never take that for granted. I’m always humbled when I get support like that. And yeah, it felt great. It made me feel like I’m doing the right thing, I’m on the right path. I made the right decision.” (XXL Mag)

Martinez also spoke on what the deciding factor was for her to leave Hot 97.

“So that was it; that was the moment of thinking, “Okay, I’m ready to challenge myself in a different way. I’m ready to shake things up.” And then once I did that, it wasn’t really that hard. The company is huge, and there’s so much opportunity there that the decision’s really not that tough when you look at it, you know what I mean?” (XXL Mag)