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Iggy Azalea Album Delayed Till Next Year

Posted By on October 9, 2013

Iggy Azalea fans are anxiously awaiting her upcoming album “The New Classic” and it’s reported that they will now have to wait even longer .

According to Iggy the album is finished, but the record label is pushing the release date back for marketing reasons.

“The official date? F—ed if I know! It’s done, it’s so depressing to say this but it’s the beginning of March, it’s so far away but I just have to accept that,” she exhales, then takes a sharp intake of oxygen and launches into “It was supposed to be October but obviously I’m going on tour with Beyonce and they said I’m not allowed to put an album out while I’m on tour because I’ll be trapped in Australia and I won’t be able to do any TV appearances and I thought that’s fair enough, that’s three weeks and then they said ‘You can’t put an album out around Christmas time, that’s a bad time’ and I said ‘What about January?’ ‘Well [talking like a verbose record label type] nobody gets back off holidays and then it’s the Brit Awards, you can’t release an album, it’s terrible for marketing’ which brings me to February. The marketing team gets to control me unfortunately, I don’t get to control that.” (Herald Sun)