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Bun B And ASAP Rocky Chime In On Trinidad James’ Controversial Remarks

Posted By on November 14, 2013

Rap veteran Bun B and New York emcee A$AP Rocky are the latest to weigh in on Trinidad James now infamous New York rant. Bun B and Rocky both agreed that New York is the birthplace of rap/hip hop and has gone global since then. They also added there own thoughts about the comments during an interview with MTV.

Bun B added that whoever is rapping now is essentially trying to imitate New York.

“Hip-hop and the actual art of rapping started here in New York, so if you’re an MC by due product you’re already trying to be like New York. So it don’t make no sense for nobody to act like New York trying to be like them,” (MTV)

In Rocky’s opinion every region has there time to shine in the rap game, but no one wants to enjoy it until its gone.

“Everybody got its time, but people don’t wanna enjoy that until it’s gone,” he said of rap’s regional trends. (MTV)

Check out the interview below: