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Mannie Fresh Pays His Respect To Soulja Slim 10 Years After His Death

Posted By on November 27, 2013

One-Time Cash Money Records producer Mannie Fresh paid his respect to the remembrance of New Orleans hip-hop artist Soulja Slim ten years after his death.

In an interview, Fresh explained how in his opinion Soulja Slim was a hero all throughout New Orleans.

“He was just somebody who took rap to a whole other level,” Mannie Fresh says during a phone call with XXL. “You knew all his raps and most of the stories he was saying was true to life. It was a real experience.” Fresh, who worked with Slim during their Cash Money days, called Slim one of the few “tell-it-like-it-is” rappers in the game, something that was lost after Slim died at the age of 26. “With Hurricane Katrina and all that kind of stuff happening, you needed somebody to rally for your city, to tell that story,” Fresh says. “Since Hurricane Katrina, we didn’t really have nobody that said, ‘I’m gonna tell New Orleans’ story, and I’m gonna stick to New Orleans.’ And what I do admire most about Slim was that he was not a follower. He kept it New Orleans.” (XXL Mag)

Mannie also explained how Soulja Slim was just getting started and about to really explode in the music business.

“It was truly sad; you knew the potential of what this young kid could have been,” Fresh remembers about the day Slim was killed. “And he was just starting to blow, the world was just starting to pay attention to him. And you knew where he was headed. It was a sad moment in hip-hop. Even right now, that music is timeless. If you drop a Magnolia Slim song in New Orleans, they rally for that.” (XXL Mag)