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Yo Gotti Speaks His Mind On The Current State Of The Music Industry

Posted By on December 26, 2013

Yo Gotti Speaks His Mind On The Current State Of The Music Industry

Rapper Yo Gotti recently decided to share his opinion on the music industries changes and why some artist should be cautious when trying to start a beef with particular entertainers.

In Yo Gotti’s opinion, certain artists try and use public arguments to help them gain income.

 “Y’all know the sh*t ain’t real,” Gotti said, referring to the music industry. “I tell my n*ggas, we real n*ggas living in a fake world – you may have two n*ggas who are supposed to be on some street sh*t and you do something to me and I do something back, then you may press charges on me. That ain’t keeping it G-like. It’s kind of how I mean it’s fake. N*ggas pretend beef. You really ain’t beefing when you’re battling, you really don’t got any problems, you’re just trying to get hot. It’s a lot of little sh*t that I don’t know how to engage in so I stay away from it.” (The Dope Academy)

Recently, Gotti was involved in a so called beef with Three Six Mafia member, Juicy J, and decided to take to Twitter to let Juicy know he has no hostility against him. Gotti also sat down with MTV a few weeks ago to publicly speak on the issue and tweets.

 “Ain’t no problem with me and Juicy. I actually spoke to him, like, probably an hour or so after the tweet, and we got on the phone and chopped it up,” Gotti told MTV News on Tuesday (November 19), the same day his I Am album dropped. “I talked to his brother, Project Pat too. We chopped it up. We cool. Same thing I said on Twitter, I told him on the phone. I just basically wanted to let him know, ‘Look homey, I ain’t got nothing against you so when we’re in the same facility, security don’t have to be moving like I’m trying to do something to you.” (MTV)

Gotti told MTV him and Juicy J ended there phone conversation on a good note.

 Yo Gotti began to question things after a few instances where he and Juicy were partying at the same club, but their phone conversation put things in a different perspective. “He said that it wasn’t his security, that maybe it’s the facility’s security, which I could see where he was coming from,” he continued. “We straightened out. It’s cool.” (MTV)