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Saigon Feels Sorry For Joe Budden

Posted By on September 8, 2009

    Saigon recently weighed in on Joe Budden saying that his former rap rival's current problems with Wu-Tang and Raekwon are a result of their previous beef. Saigon not only accepts the blame for other rappers going at Joe Budden says he's upset that Budden didn't defend himself when he was attacked last month by Reakwon's entourage. [Saigon Says He Feels Sorry For Joe Budden – Watch Here]

    "You gotta kick a dog while he's down? [laughs]," Saigon says. "You got to kick Joe Budden while he's down? [You're] wrong for that. Joe Budden is going through a — he's having a hard time…I feel sorry for Joe Budden, word, and he did it to himself. I was the first domino that did this to him. He should have not f*cked with me. He f*cked with me and his life ended. His career, his life, it was a domino effect. The second I did it to him, everybody felt like they could jump on. He regrets it. He got punched in the eye by six people [laughs] and he started apologizing. 'I'm sorry.' I was mad that he didn't fight back after talking about me when I went out like a hero, n*gga, it's six people." [Saigon Says He Feels Sorry For Joe Budden – Watch Here]

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