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Saigon Says Thank God

Posted By on October 7, 2008

    One month after Saigon "quit" rap, he's back.  Sai blogged that he was returning to the rap game. Saigon has gone through many changes, including being dropped by Atlantic Records, and now he finally told his fans (via his blog) why he has been gone so long plus why his upcoming album will really be his 2nd album since "The Greatest Story Never Told", never hit stores. Saigon said “I’m sorry I haven’t been on the scene lately, I’m busy working on my second album titled ‘Thank God’ even though the first one has never come out. Hahahaha…,"

    In related news, Saigon recently did an interview where he talked about the album he says never came out (The Greatest Story Never Told). Siagon says "the album is much different from the mixtapes, it's much more organized, much more put together" [watch here] "It's done and we about ready to let it go" [watch here] Saigon says that the album is 90% produced by Just Blaze and is the album is "his debut album as well." Saigon event went on to say he got his name from a book called "Bloods" by Wallace Terry about the Vietnam War. [watch here]

Saigon Talks New Album