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Is Saigon Signing With Jay-Z?

Posted By on June 2, 2008

    Ever since Saigon left Atlantic Records [read here] rumors have been going around about where he might end up. The latest rumor is that Saigon may join Jay-Z at his newly formed Roc Nation label which he is starting through his $150 million dollar deal with touring giant Live Nation. “Rumors are gonna be rumors,” Saigon said. “[But] you can’t fight the
rumors. Just Blaze and Jay-Z are good friends. It’s gonna be big. Where
we go is gonna be big. It’s gonna make history.”

    Saigon says that he will announce where he will release his album The Great Story Never Told next month. In the mean time his single "Gotta Believe" [listen here] is gaining strength. The Just Blaze produced track features Just Blaze but it was orriginally intended for T-Pain. “We actually referenced [the hook] for T-Pain,” Sai explained. “This is when T-Pain was still coming up. He tried to charge us 100 grand. So I was like, ‘Yo, you sound good on it [to Just Blaze]. Just keep the song with your voice on it. This was before the Auto-Tune mania.”

    Saigon will be joining Jay-Z this summer, on tour. A seperate tour with Rick Ross will also follow. A video for “Gotta Belive” is scheduled to go into production soon.