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Saigon finally gets Prodigy Video

Posted By on September 20, 2007

This is an update from earlier with the Saigon vs Mobb Deep post. This is straight quote from Saigon's official myspace.


"I Finally Got Prodigy….

know you all are seeing this YouTube video of like 25 Mobb Deep niggaz
chasing me out the club…And helll fucking yeah I dipped up up out of
there untouched…..

But that was after I snuffed little punk ass Prodigy…They can edit
it and lie all they want but , But when you hear the nigga say 'Oh' the
first time is when i rock him… right before you see my man rock him,
The second time is when my man rocks him… I rocked him first, thats
what makes the kid with the red hat try to get at me and got everybody
hype..Why didnt they slow down that part? If you notice I punch prodigy
right into my mans hands…And fuck yeah I got up outta there…Them
niggaz was 30 deep and I went to their party, grab the mic, did my song
and punched Prodigy in his face.. (I wasnt even on the bill to
perform) This nigga told me to suck his dick so he got rocked, at his
show..Im not with the promoting violence shit and we couldve kept it
between us, but these assholes go make a youtube video talking about I
was hiding under a table and all this shit…Editing and lying about a
watch and shit….Fronting ass niggas…Now i gotta show the real…


I see niggas laughing cause I was running up outta that mufucka,
damn right..I think the shit looks funny as hell too…And all yall
talking about I wouldve stayed there and got my ribs broken and all
that, ya frontiing….or ya fucking stupid..I had already rocked
Prodigy, it was time to dip up outta there…Shout out to Big Chris for
the human sheild technique, He said, you got em, lets gooo and we
went……I toooold Prodigy I was gonna get him…Whose story is
real….? hahahaha I never take L's….

Right when they say Im supposed to be hiding under the table, You
see right before my man rocks Prodigy I give him the overhand
right…Thats when the guy with the red hat tries to get at me.. Thats
what sent prodigy flying into my man, who rocked em again…And I never
got touched at all, That fat nigga fronting at the end, ya fronting,
Nobody hit me, I was grabbed from behind….Edit shit all you want to
promote havoc album…P know I got him though…And dipped up outta
there..smooth….hahaha… Lets get the facts straight people……."