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Maino & Ace Hood Look To Do Over 20

Posted By on July 2, 2009

    Estimates for next weeks sales put rappers Maino and Ace Hood at around 23,000 albums sold each. Based on one-day sales Def Jam's R&B singer Jeremih's self titled debut should push around 45-50 thousand while Maino's "If Tomorrow Comes" will do around 23k.

    Maino recently talked about the predictions. "Just think about my last prediction," Maino wrote on his blog. "It was that i was going to be the next to pop off in the game, so right now I'm just sitting back and waiting for Tuesday, June 30th to see what happens. If you didn't know that's when my album drops. I'll tell you this Global Grind, Whether I sell one or one million I'm still going to be the same, because I've already exceeded all expectations in life."

    In related news, Maino recently had a push-up contest with the staff of XXL Magazine. [watch here] Plus fellow New York rapper N.O.R.E. took a video camera as he went to the store to buy Maino's album. [watch here]

Maino vs XXL – The Pushup Contest

N.O.R.E. buys Maino's Album "The Fat Gun Way"