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Album Sales Chart – Week Ending 7/4

Posted By on July 9, 2008

    Although first day sales for last week indicated that Lil Wayne would come in second once again to the Brit rock group Coldplay, the numbers told a different story. Lil Wayne sold another 156,000 copies of his Tha Carter III, to take the number one spot back from the band, landing them at number two. Weezy has now sold over 1.6 million copies of his album in the first month alone.

    First we heard rumors G-Unit's new album, Terminate On Sight,
was predicted to sell over 700,000 copies sighting an email from an
Interscope employee, then later we found out with the first day numbers
that they might not even break 200,000. Well, once again the numbers
dont lie. G-Unit sold just over 100,000 copies of their 2nd album, which is not up to par for 50 Cent.

    Plies stayed on the charts at number 15, selling another 30,000 copies of his album Definition of Real, brining his total just over 350,000. Jim Jones and his Byrd Gang debuted at number 29 with just over 17,000 copies of their indi release. Another notables include C-Murder who debuted at number 130, selling just over 5,000 copies of his Screamin' 4 Vengence.